Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mini-Micro Scale

I've been doing this blog for a little while now, but it is starting to feel so been-there, done-that.

So I've decided to take the blog in a new direction that will help me keep things fresh and hopefully help me to post more often.

A lot of people work on LEGO models.  Some of them work on a micro scale.  I'm going to dedicate this blog to the Mini-Micro Scale.  This scale is so small that the models are built using only one brick.

To start, let's look at the historical Russian landmark, the Kremlin.

A magnificent red building that has been a great symbol of Moscow.

For this build I really wanted to get a feel for those wonderful rounded towers.  I think this really captures the feel of the building.

Next I'm going to bring it back stateside and look to our own iconic government building, the White House.
The building many presidents have given speeches in front of and a great piece of American history.
With this model, I feel like I got to the fundamentals of what makes this a great building.

As we move on, I wanted to get something from one of the western states.  So let's move on to Seattle's Space Needle.
This is a tall structure that makes me feel like the aliens have landed.
This model didn't go as well as I thought it would.  I was really hoping for that strong Seattle feel, but I just couldn't make it happen.

Finally we move to India for the great Taj-Mahal.
This amazing structure was also the subject of one of the largest sets LEGO ever sold.

It really does look amazing at 5922 pieces!  Let's see how it looks at 1 piece!

I never realized until now how much the Taj-Mahal looks like the Kremlin.  Who knew.

As usual, you can find all of the building instructions and model files HERE.

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  1. These remind me of the amazing artwork in grade school I used to see: "Polar Bear in a Blizzard". and the like. A fascinating throwback to classic art. Well done!