Monday, April 28, 2014

Ice Beam vs Mech

 I was asked a while back to do a rebuild of one of the Friends LEGO sets.  I also needed a set to use for's April MOC Alternate Build Competition.  So this serves a dual purpose.

So here we have the Ice Beam vs Mech:

This is an alternate build of the Downtown Bakery (41006):

This was an interesting build.  The clear blue studs led me to play with a leaky fire hydrant.  The large round corners reminded me of shoulders on some bulky cartoon mechs.

As I played with the idea of a rampaging mech, I started to look at the big clear pieces I had.  I thought an ice beam spraying a wall of ice to stop the mech might be cool (see what I did there).

 Nothing too complicated, but fun all the same.

As usual, instructions can be found HERE.

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