Monday, September 1, 2014

Sweeping up the Streets

My latest build is a little street sweeper to clean up the streets:

 This is an alternate build of the Tow Truck (60056):

This was a fun little project.  I knew I wanted to change the front of the truck to a flat-nose style cab.  The front grill had several revisions.  The bumper and the grill were sticking out too much which was taking away from that flat-nose look.  I like what I have pretty well, but I think some other official LEGO sets do a better job.

I wanted to use the extra wheels for something.  Using them as street cleaner scrubbers seemed like a pretty good fit.  I was worried the scrubbers would be flimsy.  It turns out that the spacers I needed to place them properly and the extra pieces I used to fill out the area made for a very solid build.

The tanks in the back required a bit of fiddling as I was running out of pieces.  In the end, I got all of my gaps sealed up.  I really like the way the broom sits on the back.  The antenna on the back of the cab is there to make up for not having a full 1x4 brick to fill in that space.  Whatever works I guess.

In the end, it is a very solid, fun little build.

Full build instructions can be found HERE.

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  1. Very nice one, going to build it with my son.
    What software you use to render the build steps?