Monday, January 6, 2014

Sydney Ostrich House

Here's the bird I put together from the Sydney Opera House set (21012).

The wings came out of playing with those white sloped pieces.  After I decided that it was a bird I was building, I had to try to make something of a body.  I ended up using some of the plates from the base to give the body a bit of thickness.  The neck came from playing with those hinge pieces.  The head went through a few revisions.  It's a little odd, but I like the shape.

For the base I tried to add what levels I could.  I also wanted to do some water with those clear bricks.
I was thinking maybe there was a spring where the water was originating.  I tried to make some water dripping and splashing from the bird drinking.  That didn't work out so great.  Using clear black tiles doesn't help too much.  Otherwise, I like having the display base.  It gives some much needed stability to the build.

Unfortunately, the bird is rather fragile.  It can be moved around with its base well enough, but it fell apart a lot while trying to put it all together.  The limited number of pieces made for some less than ideal build choices.

Overall it was an interesting challenge.  Full build instructions and the MLCad file can be found HERE.

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  1. I knew that thing was just a huge transformer the entire time.