Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Star Wars #1 fan

Well, here's the final result:
Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

This was also my first major build using MLCad.
Hopefully this will serve me better in describing the build than trying to photograph everything.

I designed the bridge first.  I worked and reworked the circular body of the falcon to give me the nice ring I needed.  I eventually made a chain of two alternating parts that make up the 12 wedges of the bridge.
 You'll notice that the connector width on 175 is shorter than the width of 152.  This creates a slight offset between the two parts that helps everything fit in a slightly tighter circle.  The wing pieces on top have slightly different placement to adjust for the offset.

The body came next and came together quite quickly.  The front was largely taken from the side of the original Falcon model.  Next I was just trying to use all of the sloped pieces I had across the top and building a solid block for below it.  Finally I shaped the tail.  I was happy that I managed to use the half cone piece from the cockpit of the falcon.  It's not the best fit, but I think it captures the shape of the Enterprise's tail pretty well.

Finally we come to the twin engines.  Running low on long, solid blocks, I turned my focus to the hole-filled Technic blocks.  These could probably look better, but my main goal is to get the impression of the Enterprise.  I think these serve that purpose well enough.  I also decided that the long tan plates were the best of what I had left to serve as support arms.

As I completed the model, I needed to add some supports to handle the weight of the bridge.
Overall this was a lot of fun.  Nobody seems to have any problems recognizing this as the Enterprise.  I have also had some fun reactions when I tell people that it is built from the pieces of the Millennium Falcon.

If you'd like to look at the step-by-step instructions or want to download the MLCad file, you can get that HERE.

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